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One of the nicest things we feel we can do for a patient, beside giving them a beautiful and healthy smile, is helping them deal with a snoring problem. If you or a loved one deal with this, I need not go into how difficult it is to get a good night’s sleep.

Snoring occurs when, during sleep, the muscles and soft tissue of the mouth and throat relax, making the airway smaller. Airflow is reduced and the soft tissues vibrate. When closure of the airway is extreme, sleep apnea can result. The dental appliance, or anti-snoring device, we custom fabricate for each patient, repositions the lower jaw, thus opening the airway and eliminating the snoring. Interesting to note is that medical studies actually show the dental anti-snoring appliance useful in the treatment of sleep apnea. Many physicians recommend the use of dental appliances for their patients with sleep apnea and many patients have been able to replace their bulky, cumbersome CPAP machines with this compact dental appliance. Glidewell Labs or TAP Products.


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