CariVu™ – Ultimate Smile Design’s Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Tooth Decay

Creating bright, healthy smiles is our superpower at Ultimate Smile Design. But did you know we have a secret weapon in the fight against tooth decay?

We’d like to introduce you to CariVu™ – our dental X-ray sidekick, so to speak.

What is CariVu™?

dentist detect tooth decay cari vuCariVu™ is a portable tool we use as an adjunct to standard X-rays. It allows us to see things that look suspicious on a standard X-ray but are not clearly understood. It uses “transillumination technology that makes enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb light.” We love it because we can see through the tooth and view the tooth structure and any cavities and cracks that are developing within the tooth.

Why we use CariVu™

When we can better see the size and shape of a lesion, we have a complete picture of the health of our patient’s tooth which improves our ability to treat it. Transilluminating light can help us detect lesions in the beginning stages, so using CariVu™ helps us identify questionable areas early on and decide on a course action, be it immediate treatment or preventive care.

But what’s really cool is that it uses safe, non-ionization radiation, making it perfect for patients for whom X-rays cannot be performed such as children and pregnant women.

CariVu™ doesn’t replace X-rays but does give us an extra tool in our arsenal in the fight against tooth decay. It’s easy to use and comfortable. At Ultimate Smile Design, we don’t charge our patients for it, so it’s also cost-effective.

So, now you know about our (not so) secret weapon. We hope it helps you understand your dental care and one of the tools we use to help you have the ultimate smile!

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