Dental Bonding

tooth bonding palm bay floridaDental Bonding is a procedure that involves the application of polymer resin to tooth surfaces in order to cover imperfections. Bonding is a popular option for patients who want to improve the look of their smile by covering small imperfections. This is a good treatment option for many cosmetic dentistry concerns, such as:

  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Fixing aesthetic imperfections
  • Changing the shape of teeth
  • Closing gaps or space between teeth
  • Protecting exposed roots from receding gums

There is little preparation needed for tooth bonding. Anesthesia may not even be necessary. We start by selecting a resin color that closely matches the color of the tooth being bonded. Next, the surface of the natural tooth will be roughened and we will apply a conditioning liquid, which helps the bonding material adhere to the tooth. The composite resin is applied, molded and then smoothed to the desired, natural shape. A light is then used to harden the resin. The entire process is often complete in a single appointment and takes about 30 to 60 minutes to complete per tooth.

We want you to know that your health is important to us. We use a resin that is PBA-free.

Many opt for dental bonding because it is among the easiest and least expensive cosmetic options, especially when compared to porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers. Unlike crowns and veneers, bonding can typically be done in one office visit, without the removal of tooth enamel or the use of anesthesia. Additionally, there is no recovery period. However, it is important to note that the resin used is only partially stain resistant, and bonding materials may not last as long as other options.

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FAQs About Dental Bonding

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