Dental Emergency Tips

Tooth pain is one of the most intense types of pain you can experience. Even though most people consider a dental emergency to be less serious than something you would go to the emergency room for, the pain may make you beg to differ.

When You Can’t Get to Your Dentist

There are times when you simply can’t get to the dentist. The holiday season is the one time of year when most dentists and physicians take off for more than one or two days at a time. Or, you may be traveling and experience a dental emergency when you are away from home. This can leave you without the services of your primary care dentist. When an emergency arises, you will need a little time to find a dentist who offers urgent care services.

Dental Emergency Tips

There are several types of dental emergencies. The following list is a few of the most common:

  • Broken or cracked tooth – Save any pieces and try to protect the tooth and surrounding tissues with a piece of gauze that has a few drops of clove oil on it. Most pharmacies carry a temporary filling product that can be easily used as a way to “plug” the hole left by a broken tooth.
  • Lost tooth – Time is of the essence. Place the tooth in a small amount of milk and get to a dentist as soon as possible (30 minutes or less).
  • Lost fillings – Cover the tooth with gauze or use a small amount of brace wax to keep air and moisture from entering the cavity (clove oil can also be used). The temporary filling material listed above can be helpful in this situation also.
  • Abscesses and toothaches – Rinse the mouth with warm salt water and apply clove oil to the area. Please call your dentist as soon as possible as antibiotic may be necessary.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can also be used to help soothe your pain and discomfort. We recommend anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Motrin) or Aleve. The dosages listed on the package are not prescription strength dosages. A call to your dentist will be helpful in making sure you are taking the most effective dose.

Tooth pain can be excruciating. During the holidays or any other time, when you can’t reach your normal dentist, it’s important to have the number of an urgent care center that specializes in the treatment of dental emergencies. This allows you to get the relief you need until you can schedule an appointment with your primary care dentist.

Ultimate Smile Design, located in Palm Bay, Florida, serves the Space Coast community with warm and professional dental care. Contact us if you experience a dental emergency. One of our doctors is available by phone after normal business hours. We will fit you into our schedule promptly and alleviate your discomfort as quickly as we can.