The Effects of Coffee on Your Teeth

effects of coffee on your teethIn our dental practice, we see firsthand the effects of coffee on our patients’ teeth.

Coffee is an essential part of millions of people’s morning routine. It warms us up on a cold morning and gives us the energy we need to start our day. 49% of coffee drinkers would rather give up their cell phone for a month than go without coffee. We are obsessed with coffee. But what is this obsession doing to our teeth?

Over time, coffee can stain teeth and wear down their enamel. Teeth have minuscule ridges that can trap particles from food and beverages. Coffee contains tannins, chemical compounds that can get stuck in the ridges of your teeth and cause them to turn yellow. Because of its acidic nature, coffee can also wear down tooth enamel.

Add cream or sugar to your coffee, and you’ll be accelerating the growth of harmful bacteria.

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Coffee lovers may be reluctant to give up their favorite drink, regardless of the damaging effects of coffee. There are steps that you can take to minimize the damage done to your teeth without having to give up your morning cup of joe.

How to Minimize the Effects of Coffee on Your Teeth

To prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth, make the switch from creamer to milk. Cow’s milk is high in proteins that bind to the polyphenols in coffee. This means that the polyphenols will move on to the stomach to be digested instead of sticking to your teeth.

Drinking your coffee with a straw so that it will have minimal contact with your teeth is another way to prevent damage. Try not to drink more than two cups a day and always remember to brush your teeth after drinking coffee. If you can’t brush your teeth afterward, drinking a cup of water can help eliminate some of the harmful bacteria from your teeth.

Using a toothpaste that repairs enamel and whitens teeth can help to reverse some of the damage done by coffee and protect your pearly whites.

So, we’re not suggesting you give up your coffee, just be aware of the damage coffee can do to your teeth and take the extra steps to prevent it.

Turn Back Time on Your Smile

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