Natural Remedies to Prevent or Treat Gum Disease

reverse periodontal disease naturallyAre you suffering from swollen and tender gums? You may be experiencing symptoms of periodontitis, more commonly known as gum disease. When gum disease is left untreated, it often progresses and symptoms worsen. The mildest form is gingivitis, in which poor oral hygiene causes inflammation and sore gums. 

Gingivitis may progress to periodontitis which causes receding gums and affects the teeth and jaw. If periodontitis becomes aggressive or chronic, it may lead to tooth loss and destruction of bone and gum tissue. Surgery for these advanced forms of periodontal disease can have risks, so early treatment is crucial to good oral health.

Routine Dental Care for Periodontal Disease

If you suspect that you have periodontal disease, speak to your dental professional. If you have an early form of gum disease, your dentist may recommend using a medicated mouthwash or toothpaste. As part of routine cleaning, your dentist will also remove built-up plaque and tartar on your teeth and below the gum line.

Natural Remedies to Prevent or Treat Gum Disease

The first steps to preventing gum disease include brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, and using an antibacterial mouthwash. In addition to the actions your dentist recommends, it may be helpful to try the natural remedies listed below. These holistic treatments may prevent the advancement of gingivitis by promoting the gentle removal of plaque and bacteria:

  • Apply eucalyptus oil to your gums. Eucalyptus oil is an anti-inflammatory that may aid in the growth of new gum tissue.
  • Use an electric toothbrush to aid in effective plaque removal. It may be gentler on your gums than a regular toothbrush.
  • Brush your teeth with baking soda a few times a week. Baking soda kills bacteria and aids in removing stains. 
  • Try a homemade mouthwash containing diluted tea tree oil and peppermint oil to soothe swelling.
  • Rinse with salt water to reduce pain, bacteria, inflammation, and bad breath.
  • Swish with diluted lemongrass oil to reduce plaque.
  • Use 100 percent aloe vera juice as a mouthwash to treat gingivitis.
  • Regular oil pulling with coconut oil reduces bacteria. 
  • Eat foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and beta-carotene. These nutrients promote overall oral health and healing.
  • Take Vitamins C and E to support your oral health.
  • Chew sugarless gum after meals to neutralize acids and prevent tooth decay.
  • Cut out sugars and refined carbs, which cause plaque to build up along the gumline.

Source: Healthline – Natural Remedies for Receding Gums

Gum Disease Treatment in Palm Bay, FL

Preventive dental care helps stop gum disease from advancing. Visit your dentist at least once a year to track changes in your gum health and treat gum disease early. At Ultimate Smile Design in Palm Bay, Florida, a thorough examination helps us diagnose and treat all stages of periodontal disease. 


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