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A whiter smile is one of our most-requested treatments!

Teeth Whitening Palm Bay FL Cosmetic DentistryDon’t be misled by the clever marketing tactics of over-the counter teeth whitening agents. By using the most current and most successful teeth whitening agents and techniques available to dentists, years of stains from foods, beverages, and smoking can be removed. In addition, teeth stained by medication can often be lightened, resulting in a brighter smile.  

We are delighted to announce the introduction of the KöR whitening system to our office. Standard dental bleaching products have delivered fantastic results for many patients who wanted whiter teeth. Yet, there were occasionally significant issues, many of which left our patients dealing with less than optimal results, such as minimal tooth whitening, leaking trays, tooth sensitivity, and the need to avoid favorite foods. KöR with its precise processing and shipping system has eliminated most, if not all of these issues. Please contact us and see if this improved system is appropriate for you.

Tooth discoloration can be a sign of oral health issues. We urge you to have a dental checkup prior to beginning teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist will discuss with you the best course of action and the best products to whiten your teeth.

KöR Teeth Whitening System

We'd like you to understand why we have chosen to use the KöR professional teeth whitening system in our dental practice.


As stated on the KöR website, “Peroxide gels work by forming hydrogen peroxide as their end product. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down to the water, oxygen, and numerous radicals and byproducts known as “bleaching factors” that lighten teeth.


Optimum whitening results are achieved only when these whitening gels are: fully potent; chemically influenced to produce a high percentage of free radicals (instead of simply oxygen and water), and are allowed extended time for these factors to diffuse thoroughly into the microstructure of teeth. The whitening gel in conventional whitening trays is only strongly active for 25-35 minutes, due to rapid contamination of the whitening gel by saliva.


Saliva is capable of destroying a full 29mg of peroxide per minute! It takes very little contamination of the whitening gel in the trays by saliva to destroy whitening gel on contact. However, KöR whitening KöR-Seal™ trays are specifically designed to seal both saliva and sulcular fluid out of the whitening trays. These trays, in combination with KöR whitening gels, provide 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity compared to the typical 25-35 minutes of other systems.” (Source: KöR)


Learn More by visiting: http://www.korwhitening.com

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