Getting to the Root of Tooth Pain

root tooth painOne of the most common types of tooth pain that we see in our practice involves the root of the tooth. In some cases, the problem may actually be a cavity, but in many cases, it may be simple root tooth pain. When people go to the dentist for tooth pain, they often are unsure of the cause, and sometimes even the exact location, of the pain. A thorough examination will provide a dentist with the answers they need to determine what is causing the pain.

The Root of the Problem

As a person ages, the delicate enamel begins to wear off simply due to everyday wear and tear. The gums begin to recede as well, in some cases exposing the root itself. Even though the root is not infected or damaged in any way, exposure to either temperature or sweet foods or liquids can result in some degree of pain. The roots of the teeth are very temperature sensitive.

What Triggers Root Tooth Pain

Root pain is not triggered by biting down or placing pressure on the teeth. Instead, root pain is the result of the dentin or the actual root being exposed to something that causes it to have a reaction. The temperature sensitivity of the root can cause a dull ache or intense pain depending on the temperature the tooth is exposed to and the length of the time of the exposure. Exposing the root to sugars or other sweets can also elicit a painful response. Prolonged exposure to sweetened foods and liquids can eventually damage the root, but even minimal exposure can cause discomfort.

It is extremely important to attend your regular check-ups to your dentist. They can quickly uncover the cause of tooth pain when it is associated with temperature or sugar sensitivities. Your dentist can help you uncover your triggers and find ways to prevent the discomfort you feel when you enjoy your favorite foods.

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