Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding Dental Bonding is a procedure that involves the application of polymer resin to tooth surfaces in order to cover imperfections. Bonding is a popular option for patients who want to improve the look of their smile by covering small imperfections. This is a good treatment option for many cosmetic dentistry concerns, such as:…

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Don’t Break a Tooth! Avoid These Foods

break a tooth

A common dental emergency arises when patients bite into something hard and break a tooth. Adults and kids should always consider their tooth health before biting into certain foods. Most of us don’t think twice and often end up paying the price. Several foods are hard enough to break a tooth. There are even a…

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The Best Type of Tooth Filling

Type of Tooth Filling

Dental filling materials are used to repair cavities and other problems caused by tooth decay. In most cases, the material chosen for fillings is based on a variety of characteristics, such as durability, cost, ease of use, and aesthetics. Many dentists will also take into account any sensitivities or allergies the patient may have before…

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Copy of Dental Procedures

Dental Procedures The Right Dental Procedures to Meet Your Individual Needs At Ultimate Smile Design, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of all of your dental needs. From preventive care and dental restoration to cosmetic dentistry and sleep apnea, we provide all dental services. Serving Melbourne, Palm Bay and South Brevard County…

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How Sugar Affects Your Teeth

how sugar affects your teeth

From the time your first teeth grow in, there are tiny sugar-loving microbes in your mouth. They turn sugar into acid, which breaks down tooth enamel, causing decay and even bad breath. Excess sugar can also contribute to gum disease which may advance to periodontitis, a condition that affects the gums and bones that support your…

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Oral Hygiene Hacks: How to Clean Your Teeth Without A Toothbrush

oral hygiene hacks

So, you’ve just eaten a meal, and you have to rush back to the office for a meeting. You don’t have a toothbrush handy, and you have to make a good impression. What do you do? Relax! These oral hygiene hacks will save the day and help improve your overall dental health. 8 Oral Hygiene…

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Home and Natural Remedies for Dental Pain

Dental Pain

When we experience tooth discomfort, it is hard to focus on anything else. Dental pain can be caused by infection or trauma to the gums and/or jawbone; it can often be accompanied by swelling and tenderness around the affected area. If you are experiencing dental pain, you should seek professional help from a dentist immediately!…

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Teeth Cleaning: How Your Dentist Cleans Your Teeth

Teeth Cleaning: how your dentist cleans your teeth

Most people dread going to the dentist. So many put off their routine cleaning until they have a specific concern or tooth pain they can’t ignore. However, going for cleaning every six months is extremely important. Regular cleanings help promote oral health by removing food debris, stains, plaque, and tartar. This is vital in preventing…

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Dentist-Approved Home Remedies for Whitening Your Teeth

home remedies for whitening your teeth

White teeth are a sign of health and vitality, so it’s no wonder there is a universal quest for a gleaming, bright smile. It’s one of the most requested treatments in our dental practice. With so many choices for teeth whitening products on the market, it can be a little overwhelming knowing what to choose. The fact is,…

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Dental Bridge vs. Implant: Which is best for you?

Dental Bridge vs. Implant: Which is best for you

Tooth loss does not only cause difficulty chewing, but it also significantly affects your self-confidence. The two most common treatments for missing teeth that your dentist will recommend to you are dental bridges and dental implants. While both options effectively address the issue of missing teeth, they are technically very different. In order to make…

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