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Straight teeth are not only more attractive but also better for oral health. However, if your teeth are not in the right positions, you might hesitate to get orthodontic care because of metal brackets and wires. Long gone are the days of bulky metal brackets used to straighten teeth. SureSmile Aligners is an orthodontic system that can move your teeth gently without the inconveniences of traditional braces.

What are Suresmile Aligners?

SureSmile Aligners is a type of custom-made, clear aligner system that is easy to remove. You will wear each aligner for a couple weeks before moving on to the next one. Each aligner will gradually move your teeth closer to their desired positions. After wearing all of the aligners, a retainer will be used to maintain your new smile.

Advantages of SureSmile Aligners

Some of the major advantages of SureSmile in Palm Bay include:

Precise Treatment

SureSmile's advanced software ensures optimal tooth movement for predictable, high-quality results, while DIY clear aligner systems may worsen dental alignment over time due to patient-produced dental molds.

Efficient Tooth Movements

During your consultation, we will estimate the time needed for your specific treatment plan. Mild misalignment cases can be resolved in six months. However, more severe cases may require 1 to 2 years of treatment.

No Dietary Restrictions

The ability to remove your aligners allows you to eat without affecting your orthodontic treatment. However, it is important to note that while wearing SureSmile, you should only drink plain water to avoid staining or damaging your aligners.

Easy Oral Hygiene

There is no need to navigate around brackets and wires while brushing and flossing your teeth with aligners. Your oral hygiene techniques can remain the same, with the only difference being the need to clean your aligners regularly.

No Metal Parts

SureSmile is a metal-free treatment option, making it suitable for individuals with metal sensitivities or allergies. Additionally, the absence of metal brackets and wires eliminates discomfort to your mouth's soft tissues. The aligners are made with advanced materials, ensuring maximum comfort.

SureSmile Aligner Candidates

There are many treatment options in the world of orthodontics. To determine if SureSmile Aligners are right for you, consult with a SureSmile dentist. During your visit, our team will evaluate your teeth's positioning and health. We will then provide a treatment recommendation and answer any questions you may have. If SureSmile Aligners are suitable for you, we will take a digital impression of your teeth to begin designing your treatment plan.

Here are some examples of dental misalignment issues that SureSmile may be able to correct:

  • Crowded teeth. Crowded teeth can increase the risk of cavities, TMD, and other dental health conditions. SureSmile and potential extractions can provide each tooth with the necessary space for optimal functioning.
  • Overbite. An overbite is a dental condition where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. SureSmile is a treatment option that can often correct overbite.
  • Underbite. Underbite, which is the opposite of overbite, can impact both facial aesthetics and the health of your jaw. SureSmile has the potential to assist in correcting this condition.
  • Crossbite. Having a crossbite means that your upper teeth are positioned inside your lower teeth when your mouth is closed. This can cause discomfort and increase the risk of dental issues such as chipped teeth. SureSmile may be a potential solution for achieving a balanced bite.
  • Gaps between the teeth. SureSmile can correct unsightly gaps by moving the teeth closer together.
  • Slightly crooked or winged teeth. Crooked or rotated teeth can have negative effects on both your bite and your self-confidence. SureSmile has the ability to shift teeth, resulting in a more attractive and healthier smile.

How Much Do SureSmile Aligners Cost?

During your consultation, we will provide you with an estimate for the cost of your aligners. This estimate will be based on your treatment needs and goals. SureSmile typically costs less than other clear aligner systems like Invisalign. Your insurance coverage may help reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Additionally, we accept third-party financing through CareCredit, which offers low-interest and no-interest payment plans.

FAQs About SureSmile

If you have any questions about SureSmile clear aligners, we have a list of FAQs that can provide you with answers. Feel free to contact us for more information or assistance.

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