5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Oral Health

5 simple ways to improve your oral health

Improving your oral health doesn’t have to be a huge chore. There are a few simple actions you can take to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent oral health problems. 1. Brush Before Bedtime When you’re tired at the end of a long day, it’s tempting to skip brushing your teeth before bedtime.…

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Does Gum Disease Increase the Risk of Dementia? Studies Show a Link

gum disease risk of dementia dentures melbourne florida

When we discuss with our patients the importance of caring for their gums, it’s not just because of the inflammation we observe. We are concerned about the health issues that stem from gum disease. In addition to contributing to receding gums, sensitivity, bad breath, and tooth loss, it is well-established that gum disease contributes to…

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That Pain in Your Jaw Could be From Bruxism

pain in jaw bruxism

“Do you grind your teeth?” I asked my patient. She looked surprised and said, “Not that I know of!” At Ultimate Smile Design, this is a common exchange with our patients during preventive dental checkups. We often see evidence of teeth clenching and grinding, or bruxism, while our patients don’t even realize they are doing…

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Strong Tooth Enamel Starts With a Healthy Diet

foods good for tooth enamel

In our dental practice, we often see patients who have lost enamel on their teeth. Enamel helps protect our teeth from decay, as well as harsh temperatures and chemicals. It is the hardest mineral substance in our body, but when it is compromised, it leaves the softer dentin layer of your teeth exposed, which leads…

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Signs it’s Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

signs time to remove wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, those troublesome third molars which typically appear during late adolescence when we are presumably older and wiser, are often a cause for concern among patients in our dental practice. To remove wisdom teeth or not? That is a common question. There are cases when wisdom teeth do not need to be removed: if…

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Are You Flossing Your Teeth the Right Way?

flossing teeth right way

Your dentist has probably told you (repeatedly) how important it is to floss your teeth. But, did you know there is a right and wrong way to floss your teeth? If you’re doing it wrong, you’re not reaping the benefits of flossing. Flossing helps remove bacteria above the gumline. When you floss, you may think…

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Does Oil Pulling Improve Oral Health?

does oil pulling improve oral health

In our dental practice, we often talk to patients who are looking for natural ways to improve their health. Oil pulling is a natural oral health aid that has gained popularity recently, although it isn’t a new technique. People have used oil pulling for centuries to keep their teeth and gums healthy and free of…

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Good Oral Health May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Good Oral Health May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Studies have proven that when your mouth starts to show signs of disease some form of health problem is starting to affect the rest of the body. One of the most well-known examples of this is the relationship between gum disease and its effects on the cardiovascular system. Often people who suffer from severe forms…

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Dental Emergency Tips

dental emergency tips

Tooth pain is one of the most intense types of pain you can experience. Even though most people consider a dental emergency to be less serious than something you would go to the emergency room for, the pain may make you beg to differ. When You Can’t Get to Your Dentist There are times when you…

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How Stress Affects Your Teeth

stress affects teeth

Stress damages the body in more ways than you might think. Everyone knows that constant stress puts unnecessary pressure on the cardiovascular system and heart. It also causes muscles throughout the body to tighten, restricting blood flow and putting pressure on the joints. Stress affects your teeth as well and can cause damage to your…

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